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Open-sourcing some DSLs

In the past two months, I’ve re-visited several technical domains I’ve dealt with in the past and implemented DSLs for these (in Xtext 1.0.y) which might be somewhat generically useful. I’m open sourcing these on Github under the MIT license, in the hope that these may prove useful to folks as examples what you can do with DSLs in general and Xtext in particular and how you can achieve that.

Feel free to pull the repo and play around with it. Be sure to drop me a line in case you found it useful (or not, in which case: why?). Do consider though that I’m providing this as-is and that I don’t intend to provide anything remotely resembling serious support on it – unless you’re willing to hire me, of course 😉

Categories: DSLs, The How, Xtext
  1. Joel Denton
    April 8, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks much! I’m just getting into Xtext and DSLs in general, so I’m looking to round up as many real-world examples as possible.

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