About me

My name is Meinte Boersma and I’m a Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) specialist, living and working in the Netherlands. This blog is primarily intended to show how and why to build Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), mostly using the Xtext and related frameworks (Xpand, Xtend, EMF, etc.). The posts’ subjects should show something of a 75%-25% mix between outright technical stuff (the how) and more “business-y” stuff (the why).

As a software engineer, its my goal to add business value, improve existing and non-existing software development processess and generally making IT more fun and less of a continuous headache and I currently feel MDSD is the best way to achieve that. Hey, we might even just try and improve people’s lifes for a bit using IT (if only for the poor software developers of this world) 😉

I maintain a public GitHub repository with a number of DSL-related artifacts, mainly Xtext implementations of DSL which you’d might find useful.

  1. Amond
    March 1, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Meinte, thanks for your input regarding DSL. I’ve been reading your contributions in threads. I have some “simple” question, hopefully.
    1. xtext contributes what to the “solution space” and when to use (in a nutshell) ?
    2. UML Profile contributes what to the “solution space” and when to use (in a nutshell) ?
    3. when to use both, together (if ever)?
    4. when not to use both together?

    My goal is to get a high level (but pragmatic) understanding of both. That said, please feel free to be *very* verbose if in the mood 😉

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